To place an order, call us: +38066-615-05-25 or +38099-638-77-44
To place an order, call us: +38066-615-05-25 or +38099-638-77-44
Чтобы сделать заказ, позвоните нам: 38066-615-05-25 или 38099-638-77-44
Aromatic diffuser

Aromatic diffuser "HASHISH". WOOD BLOCK Collection. Brand: Kobo, USA.

A complex, woody fragrance with a spicy character that simulates the character of hashish. The fragrance begins with spicy top notes of armoise, nutmeg, anise and cumin. A woody, smoky complex scent creates the hashish effect. The fragrance dries down to a mossy base with a sweet character.

armoise, cedarwood, moss

• Lasts 6 months

• 11″(h) x 6.5″(l) x 3″(w)

• Alcohol-free

• VOC-compliant

• Phthalate-free

• IFRA/RIFM-approved

• No animal testing


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